We're so excited to have you join Roosevelt @ DU!


  1. What do you even do? We empower you to make the change you want to see. Our main goal is to make our community (at DU, in Denver, in Colorado, in our hometowns, the entire nation, or even the world) a better place through incremental policy changes. Don't freak out. Policy is simply the rules of the game: like student codes of conduct or how businesses use their money. We're most familiar with public policy -- the policies of government. We help you make policy change in different arenas ranging from DU's investment practices to arts funding for schools around the state to national immigration policy to international development. 
  2. How are we going to accomplish this? Good question! We've partnered with dozens of non-profits (in varying policy fields), businesses, community leaders and elected officials to help you have channels for change in our community. DU administrators are also keen to hear your voice especially with the recent Imagine DU effort. We help you frame the problem and the solution, find the right partner for advocacy, understand how to advocate, and help you get out in the field!
  3. Right.. This doesn't sound legit at all. How's this for legit: The Mayor's Office of Denver and the Governor's Office of Colorado are two big supporters of Roosevelt @ DU. This is in addition to the numerous other non-profits and centers in Colorado (Bell Policy Center, ProgressNow, Environment Colorado, CCLP, CCHIP, FRESC, and the list goes on). Plus, we have a growing list of State Representatives, State Senators, and City Council members who are willing to work with you and help implement your ideas! 
  4. Okay, so how do I join? Just come to our meetings and stay involved. There's a few things listed below that will help you get in the loop about all of our work and events.
  5. Can I be part of the leadership team? Of course! Even if you don't have much experience, we have a host of leadership positions in Roosevelt @ DU. We hold elections every spring for all leadership positions. You must be an active member (i.e. attend most of our meetings) to be able run for office and/or vote in these elections. 

You can take a look at our Constitution and Bylaws. They clarify how we do elections, the official requirements to hold office, and other information on how we work as an organization. 

To join Roosevelt @ DU, there are three simple things to do:

  1. Come to our meetings! We meet Thursdays at 6pm in Driscoll Underground. Come and be involved! We'll have speakers and lots of fun workshops throughout the year you should definitely be involved in.
  2. Follow Us on Twitter! We tweet important news and information and everything you need to know to keep updated. Click here to view our Twitter page
  3. Like Us on Facebook.  We post important and exciting info out there, no BS. Click here!