"If there is no struggle, there is no progress."

- Frederick Douglass

"A lot of organizations teach young people how to campaign -- we're about learning how to govern." 

Roosevelt @ DU takes a unique approach to engaging young people in politics: policy advocacy. We target problems we are facing and deliver the solutions we want to see. We partner with local non-profits, business, elected officials and other key stakeholders to empower our Fellows in their advocacy to create channels of change in our community. 

Current List of Initiatives

Financial Literacy Standards in Colorado

Roosevelt @ DU is working with State Senator Nancy Todd on Senate Bill 16-045 to include knowledge about student loan debt, student loan applications, and retirement planning into state standards for financial literacy. The bill specifically adjusts standards for high schoolers. 

Next Generation Blueprint for 2016

Roosevelt @ DU is one of six chapters in the nation leading the effort to promote the Next Generation Blueprint for 2016, a nationally crowdsourced document that elevates the importance of engaging young people in the political process.