Behind the Scenes

Over the past five months, Roosevelt @ DU has undergone dramatic growth: it once was a concept in paper only and now it has entrenched itself as a valuable community partner for community leaders in the Denver area. I'd like to give an in-depth look at some behind the scenes work we've been doing.

Community Influence

First, we have a growing list of community partners. These individuals and/or their offices have expressed their desire to work with our Fellows advocacy of policy ideas. We are still reaching out to City Council members, State Representatives, State Senators, and other individuals that reside in government at a city- and statewide level.

  • Sen. Michael Bennet
  • Sen. Cory Gardner
  • Rep. Diane DeGette
  • Jamie Van-Leeuwen, Senior Advisor to Gov. Hickenlooper
  • State Sen. Irene Aguilar
  • State Sen. Pat Steadman
  • State Sen. Mike Johnston
  • Anthony Graves, Director of Regional Affairs for the City and County of Denver
  • Gordon Bronson, Policy Strategist for CO

The following organizations are excited to work with our Fellows in research and advocacy of policy ideas. They want to work actively in the policy creation process and, once finished, will help our Fellows advocate for these policies in the appropriate areas. We are still expanding our reach to other organizations in the Denver area that have influence on policy at a city and state level.

  • Colorado Progressive Coalition
  • Bell Policy Center
  • Environment Colorado
  • ProgressNow
  • Conservation Colorado
  • The LGBT Center of Colorado
  • Common Cause
  • CoPIRG
  • Colorado Center of Law & Policy (CCLP)
  • Colorado Criminal Justice Reform Coalition (CCJRC)

National Support

The Roosevelt Institute is the nation's largest networked think tank. It combines the hard work of emerging thinkers and doers around the nation with Nobel laureates and renowned thinkers to create a platform of change that seeks to rewrite the social and economic rules of our society. The national network provides a wealth of support for training, resources, and other channels to get our policy ideas out. However, since it is a network, we also have access to brilliant thinkers and doers at the following schools (to name only a few of the 120+ chapters nationally): 

  • Yale
  • George Washington
  • Georgetown
  • USC
  • UC Berkeley
  • Humboldt State
  • Colorado College
  • Cornell
  • Mt. Sac College
  • George Mason
  • Wheaton
  • Amherst
  • City College of NY
  • U of Georgia

And the list goes on. 

This is just a small preview of what we have been working on at Roosevelt @ DU. There is so much in store for our Fellows in the fall! I cannot wait to launch. Keep your eyes peeled for more information concerning a special fall event that we've been invited to and other great opportunities. I'm so excited to launch in the fall.

From Morgan Smith, President of Roosevelt @ DU